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Banner Engineering iVu Machine-Mountable Remote Display Provides Noise Immune Monitoring


Minneapolis, MN—February 12, 2013—Banner Engineering adds the Machine-Mountable Remote Display to its industry-recognized line of iVu Vision products. The Machine-Mountable Remote Display enables users to view the iVu sensor image remotely and serves as a constant monitoring and user programming interface, without interference from electrical noise.

The Machine-Mountable Remote Display features industrious metal housing to shield the display from electrical noise, while its cabled connector provides a secure, dependable connection—further enhancing the device's electrical noise immunity.

“Our goal was to create a remote display for applications that require a permanent connection to the sensor within electrically noisy environments, and one that worked with all Banner iVu sensors,” says Dean Tyo, Chief Engineer of Vision and M&I Products, Banner Engineering. “From standard to plus models, the Machine-Mountable Remote Display is compatible with all Banner iVu sensors for increased ease and flexibility on the factory floor.”

The rugged, noise immune, stationary remote display features an 89-mm (3.5-in), diagonal, color LCD flat-panel touch screen display and an exceptionally wide viewing angle—60 degrees left and 60 degrees right; 50 degrees up, and 55 degrees down. Two LEDs on the Remote Display provide feedback of the remote sensor operation—one for Power/Error, and the other indicating inspection Pass/Fail. It is available in five cordset lengths, ordered separately; mounting brackets and stylus is included with the cordset kit.

Source: bannerengineering

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