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Rubber timing belt vacuum vffs

If you are producing belts for Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) you most probably be using Neoprene Rubber Timing Belt that you would need to grind the teeth in the middle of the Timing Belts. Then you shall make a back coating with natural rubber or silicon or polyurethane back coated… and perform proper drilling hole to allow vacuum flow. The typical application for such Timing Belt Vacuum Belt VFFS , haul-off timing belt are conveying foils in bag forming, filling and sealing machines.

Then you might have noticed that during the grinding process of the teeth, there is sometime appearing the cord of the rubber timing belts. The cords are an essential component for rubber Timing Belt as it provides the main tension / belt strength. During the grinding process of the teeth, the cord can also be grinded, even partially and the homogeneity of the rubber Timing Belt is not perfectly maintained.

Thanks to years of experience and our european technical center, STEIGENTECH has developed a dedicated version of our rubber Timing Belt that offers that after grinding the teeth, the cord is not visible, As the picture attached to this post is showing. If you are manufacturing such as applying back coating on such Rubber Timing Belts in order to produce VFFS, then you might be interested by this belt that the cord is not being visible after your grinding process. It is a real selling point when you are offering to your customer the complete belt.

What ever you are a machine builder or involved with haul off belts for aftermarket for Rovema, Bosch, TNA, Sandiacre, Triangle, Triapex, Kawashima, Wolf, Simionato , Kawashima, , ISHIDA, , Ilapack. Kawashima … machines, STEIGENTECH can provide perfect Timing Belt Vacuum Belt VFFS base belt special design and produce to meet back coating, fabrication partners.

This new range of Rubber Timing Belt is available in L, H, T5, T10, AT5, 5M or 8M. Therefore it includes all famous T10-600, T10+610, T10-630… 225-L, 255-L,.. or 285-H, 300-H, 310-H…

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