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Belt Cutting Machine


Overview Belt Cutting Machine STEIGENTECH


Belt Cutting Machine for sleeve Rubber or Polyurethane Timing Belts and Ribbed multi V Poly-V and Banded V-Belts. The machine must be positioned in a dry place protected from the rain with minimum space of: 3×3,5×2 (WxLxH in meters) and weight 250Kgs.

Label Belt Cutting Machine STEIGENTECH

Starting power P= 1,1 kW, three or single phase ( as you want) cutting spindle speed: 200 rpm fixed

Max cutting sleeve width: 770 mm.
Min belt lenght that can be cut: 185 mm.
Max belt lenght that can be cut: 4600 mm.
The tensioning roll is horizontal
The machine has all rollers fixed as consoles, so it is easy to put the sleeve on the machine
The cutting disc is fixed; it is possible to cut all standard timing and V-belts, including DD belts :

Drive Belt Cutting Machine STEIGENTECH

Knife Belt Cutting Machine STEIGENTECH

The machine is delivered fully calibrated, allowing you to start cutting immediately after beeing sure the machine is well positioned.

The speed regulation will allow to vary the speed from 100 – 300 rpm. The machine has a digital read-out of the cutting width.

The machine is designed to be connected to the 230/400Vac 50 Hz power supply. If the machine is supplied with the speed regulation (inverter inside), the connection is monophase 220 V, 50Hz (110 V for USA market). If the machine is equipped with the inverter, you can adjust the speed with the potentiometer.

Coding Belt Cutting Machine STEIGENTECH

Control Panel Belt Cutting Machine STEIGENTECH
The machine is standard packed on a pallet, that is included in the price. In case other packing is needed, it has to be quoted apart. The machine is very easy to maintain. It is advisable to keep it clean and to lubricate the linear guide 4 times per year. The bearings and the gearbox do not need any maintenance. Also the inverter is without maintenance and does not need any calibration from the customer side.

Documentation Belt Cutting Machine STEIGENTECH

Shipping Belt Cutting Machine STEIGENTECH

You can find more informations on those cutting machine at STEIGENTECH SALES OFFICES

CEBRIAN is a proud user of those cutting machine, feel free to contact them.

Applicable EEC directives

EC 98/37 EEC 73/23 EEC 89/336

EC – Machinery Directive (MD)
EG – Low voltage equipment directive (LVD)
EG – Directive of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Applicable EEC regulations

EN 12100-1, EN 12100-2 EN 60204-1
EN 953

– Safety of machinery – Basic concepts, general design principles – Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines
– Safety of machinery – Guards – General requirements for the

design and construction of fixed and movable guards

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