Polyurethane Timing Belt with cleats

STEIGENTECH offers wide diversity of Polyurethane Timing Belt.

We can produce such as Open Ended Linear or Joined or Truly Endless Flex. We have all available with different type of cords : steel , Kevlar or Stainless Steel. Based on your applications and requirements, we can study and design different kind of cleats in different materials.

Attachment method can be glued, chemical or high friction according to your need and specifications. In our operation or with a network of dozen of fabrication specialist partners all around the globe, we can customize any Timing Belts. STEIGENTECH can execute drilling, back coating, cleats or even add profile to the Timing Belts.

Our extruded open ended belts are suitable for linear motion systems and synchronous conveying system.
Thanks to polyurethane excellent position precision and high tensile forces, our belts are suitable for a multitude of drive design.
From linear drives, open door system, robotic, tobacco, textile to conveying, medical technologies or packaging and printing industries.


You can find more information at www.steigentech.com